Man Sentenced to 25-Years, Following a 30-Year Sentence


Courtesy of: N.J. Department of Corrections

Thirty years in prison was not enough time to teach one New Jersey man a lesson. In 2014, Steven Pratt was released from prison and two days later killed his mother, 64-year-old Gwendolyn Pratt.


According to an article released by ABC News, Pratt is now being sentenced to an additional 25-years in prison after admitting he was guilty in court.


Courtesy of: Creative Commons

In October 2014, Gwendolyn was found dead in her Atlantic City home shortly after throwing her son a welcome home party following his discharge.


While it seems odd that someone would murder their mother after graciously throwing them a welcome home party, authorities arrived and Steven was found at the scene.

An autopsy was performed and the results determined that she had suffered “massive blunt-force head injuries.”
The events unfolded only two days after he had been released from Bayside State Prison for murdering his neighbor, Michael Anderson, in 1984.

As a 15-year-old Pratt and his neighbor got into a heated argument over a noise complaint. Yes, a noise complaint. As a result, Pratt beat Anderson with a lead pipe and shot him with a handgun. In 1986, Pratt was tried as an adult and convicted of murder in 1988.


Courtesy of: Creative Commons


Following his second murder, Pratt, who is now 46, told the judge that he was guilty and did not wish to have a trial.

Due to New Jersey’s No Early Release Act, Pratt must complete 85 percent of his 25-year sentencing before he is eligible for parole.

Moral of the story: don’t be a noisy neighbor, and mothers, be careful throwing welcome home parties for your prisoner sons…it might come back to bite you (or kill you).







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