The Fight Behind American Currency

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Last June,  The Secretary of Treasure, Jacob “Jack” Lew announced a plan to feature a woman on the $10 note, in the hopes that he could “encourage a national conversation about women in our democracy.” Lew’s announcement did just that.
Since Treasury Lew announced his idea to America, a campaign known as Women on 20’s quickly backed the big changes coming to American money and gained thousands of supporters.
After 10 months of roundhouse discussions and countless recommendations, the US Department of Treasury has decided that Harriet Tubman will be the face of the $20 bill. President Jackson who was formally on the front of the note will be found on the backside. The decision was made official on April 20, in Secretary Lew’s letter to the American people.

Tubman will be the first woman represented on American currency since the United States $1 Coin Act of 1997 was passed, placing Sacagawea on the front of the gold coin.

When Lew’s official letter was released, countless conversations on social media and other platforms took off. Everybody from news anchors to college students expressed their feelings on the monumental change.

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Millennial feminist, Alyssa Wilbert took to social media to share her frustration about Jackson’s replacement. She expressed that slaves never had access to the US currency that “was used as a mode for the oppression of women and the perpetuation institutionalized racism.” in a Facebook post, Wilbert summarized her post, adding that she felt “putting Tubman on American currency flat out doesn’t make sense.”






Dr. Ben Carson, former republican presidential candidate wrote an opinion article, Harriet Tubman Has a Legacy Worth Upholding expressing his disapproval for the face swap.

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“Harriet Tubman would likely be turning over in her grave if she knew she would be the new face of American debt slavery. She would revile the cheap trick being pulled on African Americans in getting them to support this nearly bankrupt symbol of American debt. It is amazing how, just as the currency dwindles down to near worthlessness – all of a sudden the Government wants to invoke Harriet Tubman as a symbol on the twenty dollar bill.” He wrote.

Carson feels the freedom fighter should not be directly linked to the endless slave battle that today’s American people face-debt.

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Fox News anchor, Greta Van Susteren, expressed her disapproval of the big change in an “off the record” video during her show On The Record with Greta Van Susteren. She stated, “They (the Obama administration) went stupid again by booting Jackson off the bill.” Susteren predicts that the decision will cause an “unnecessary divide” between American people that are happy with the the seventh president being the face of the $20 bill and those who want to honor a woman. She proposed that the Obama Administration create a $25 bill to honor Tubman.

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On an episode of her show, Full Frontal, Samantha Bee, American-Canadian comedian blatantly disagreed with Susteren. Bee doesn’t understand how the change could spark any controversy. “Yes! Finally a black woman making a white man move to the back … He (Andrew Jackson) was a genocidal (censored word) who forced the relocation of non-whites and fulminated populous rebellion.” she said. Bee continued jabs at President Jackson, comparing Jackson to “Trump with better hair.”

Andrew Jackson is referred to as a genocidal man because on top of being a known slave owner, he passed The Indian Removal Act of 1830.

According to the library of congress, this act allowed the president to “grant unsettled lands (for replacement of the Native American tribes) west of the Mississippi in exchange for Indian lands within existing state borders. A few tribes went peacefully, but many (Native American Tribes) resisted the relocation policy.” The resistance led to The Trail of Tears which notoriously claimed the lives of 4,000 Native Americans. This could have been the key reason why Jackson was nixed from the $20 opposed to Hamilton on the $10 bill as Lew originally planned.

While supporters of the Women on 20’s campaign agree that crowning Tubman as the face of the twenty is historic, they’re not completely satisfied. In a press release, the group stated that “the promise of replacing the slave trading, Indian killing Jackson with a woman on the $20 fifteen years down the road is not the suffrage centennial celebration we were looking for.”


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With the negative backlash that Jackson is getting, it may be confusing as to why he is still being featured on the $20 bill. Despite all the talk, America’s 7th president isn’t only known for his failures. says that he is “known for founding the Democratic Party and for his support of individual liberty” earning him the title of the “People’s President.”



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According to Politico, Treasury Lew said Alexander Hamilton would be replaced simply because it was the next bill up for remodeling. Lew received backlash from Hamilton fans after he publicly announced his plan especially after the broadway show, Hamilton hit New York.  The support for Hamilton is likely what led to him remaining on his throne as the face of the $10 bill.

The backside of the new ten will honor Women. Modern Money stated that Susan B. Anthony, Alice Paul, Sojourner Truth, Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Lucretia Mott who helped pass The 19th Amendment will also be included the new design.


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Although Lincoln will remain on the front the $5 bill, the note will receive a makeover as well. “The bill will highlight historic events that occurred at the Lincoln Memorial.”-Modern Money.  By 2020, the back of the bill is set to pay respect to  Dr. Martin Luther King’s who gave his I have a Dream speech there. Marian Anderson and Eleanor Roosevelt are also expected to be on the new bill.

The Women on 20’s stated that keeping Hamilton and Lincoln on the front of the $5 and $10 notes are “teaching a generation of schoolchildren that women don’t have the same shot as men.” Making it clear that they feel being pushed to the back of the bill is unacceptable.

The drastic design changes are a huge step for America’s war against gender inequality. The supporters of Women on 20’s will continue to fight until all of the American bills honor the three ideas listed on their website.

  1. Commemoration of the inclusion of women in the American democracy and as full citizens in 1920 on a redesigned $20 dedicated to women’s history in this country.
  2. Recognition of the contributions of women to our country.
  3. Removal of symbols of hate, intolerance and inequality to enable equality that will bring forth the full potential of all people regardless of gender, race ,ethnicity, sexual preference or identity.

    An official layout of Tubman’s $20 bill has not yet been released, but many ideas have surfaced online.

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All You Can Beat Crab Legs

Okay, so you’re in line at the all you can eat buffet for Crab Legs, suddenly you notice that they’re running low, and somebody is about to eat the last of it–what do you do?

If your answer is pounce and attack, then something wrong with you! Okay, okay–I’m kidding. But, according to NBC Connecticut, this is exactly what happened.

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A 21-year-old man was enjoying the buffet with his family when he and 45-year-old Clifford Knight got into an argument over the Crab Legs. Somewhere down the line, the fight got physical.

During the scuffle at Royal Buffet, the 21-year-old lost his tooth, and Knight and his wife were arrested. The 21-year-old’s mother used pepper spray in self defense but isn’t facing charges.

So next time you are in a buffet and hear the spoon start scraping the pan as the food is empty, make a circle and yell “FIGHT” because it’s bound to happen.

Truthful Business, Deceitful Politics

After what seemed to be a smooth sail of winning almost every state delegate, Donald Trump’s road to The White House is begins to look shaky with a series of losses.

On April 6, the Presidential hopeful held a rally in Bethpage, Long Island in hopes of getting a firm grip back on his ticket to The White House before it slips away. The rally was held at Grumman Studios, formally known as the birth of the Apollo Lunar Modules. According to ABC 7, somewhere between 8,000-10,000 people were inside during the rally, but Trump had the count at 15,000 inside.

ABC 7 also reported that there were several hundred people outside of the rally both supporting and opposing Mr. Trump. Only two protestors escorted out of the studio during the speech but for the most part, the crowd inside of the rally was excited to see Trump.

After being introduced by his daughter, Ivanka, Trump segued into a story about him growing up in Queens, New York, and then introduces the audience to his first promise:

1. Making america win again-filled with mostly truthful statements.

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“We are going to start winning again with our country because we don’t win, we never win, we never ever win anymore, we don’t win anything. We don’t win with our military, we don’t win on trade, we don’t win on healthcare, we don’t win on anything. We are going to start winning again.” He said.

Now, getting our country to win again  may sound like a plan we can all get behind, but let’s see if Trump’s statement are true.

According to The National Review, The U.S. has only clearly won one out of five major conflicts that we have been involved in since World War II. So we’ll count that as a truth for Trump.

Next up, winning when it comes to trade. USA Today reported that, “The U.S. trade deficit with China has grown from $83.8 billion in 2000 to $365.7 billion in 2015. About 3.5 million jobs were lost due to the trade deficit with China” So far, promise number one remains truthful.


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Being a loser in the healthcare department is likely not a surprise as that has been a topic heavily focused on since Obama Care.

According to Common Wealth Fund, The United States has ranked lower than most of their competitors since 2004.


Up to this point, Trump started out pretty truthful, but saying “we don’t win on anything” is just a flat out lie. One example would be that America is the number one producer of oil and gas. According to PolitiFact, “The United States has been the world’s largest oil producer since 2012, and the largest natural gas producer for years.” And the list of being number one goes on with random things like: the number of Olympic Gold Medals in Men’s figure skating, drone strikes, and … you get the picture.

Though we can assume Trump was being dramatic, it’s safe to call his final statement a lie.

2. Self-funding his own campaign-completely false.

This statement is flat-out untruthful. Yes, the man is putting his own money into his campaign, but he is not self-funding his campaign, there are many other small individuals donating what they can to help, as well as a small portion of large contributors.

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PolitiFact said that, “A significant portion of his (Trump’s) money comes from individual contributions. For several months last year, the campaign received far more dollars from potential voters than they did from Trump. Additionally, most of Trump’s contributions have been loans rather than donations, so he may hope to recoup those funds.”


I’ll rule his statement as a complete lie due to the fact that key elements were left out like: other people funding his campaign and his “personal funding” includes loans.

3. The audience is informed that the United States is now in 19 trillion dollars in debt, which is true according to US Government Debt. Trump states “we owe trillions to China, we owe trillions to Japan.” Both statements are also true according to CNN Money.

5. “Our businesses are now leaving our countries and going to other countries.” Trump said, outraged  and ended his statement with “we’re going to keep our companies here.”-hypocritical, but true.

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The beginning statement is true, but according to Forbes, Mr. Trump fails to point out that his own businesses invests heavily outside of America. “Donald Trump’s own company has shown no inclination to invest and build only in America. In fact, a significant percentage of his company’s hotels and major real estate properties are located abroad.”


After this statement, his supporters yell “build that wall” and Trump says, “We are going to build that wall–it will be a real wall,” promising that Mexico will pay for that wall. Although CNN has reported that Mexican Treasury Secretary, Luis Videgaray said, “There is no scenario in which Mexico will pay for this wall that is being proposed by the United States presidential hopeful.”

6. Later, Trump said “You heard the other day that members of her (Hillary’s) team were caught saying ‘the one person she doesn’t want to run against is Trump.'” I have yet to find any factual basis on this statement, which is weird because a statement like that from people directly working for Clinton would likely be focused on heavily.

7. Trump said he has been predicting a lot of major events that have happened, and he’s, according to him, has been correct. “I’ve been talking about take the oil for what, five years . . . you know who has the oil? ISIS has the oil, Iran has the oil.” Which we of coursed proved to be a lie when we discussed him lying about america “not winning anything” when in fact America is the number one oil producer in the world. He concluded this lie by saying “our politicians are incompetent, they don’t know what the hell they’re doing.” … all this coming from a man with no political experience.

Overall, Trump’s statistics and promises are mostly factual which is expected being that he is a successful businessman. Throughout this rally, he stated what is wrong with America but in no way delivered a plan on how he will terminate these issues. The way he bashed businesses that operate out of the US but omitted the fact that his business does this exact thing shows that he’s manipulative and lacks moral consciousness.

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To watch the full speech, click here.


You Snooze, You Lose

Why New York is the City that Never Sleeps:

Taking public transportation to work can mean a a couple extra minutes of sleep on your way in, which is nice-unless you’re a New York subway rider.

According to NY Daily News, the NYPD is advising commuters to stay awake while riding the subway. The NYPD commissioner released a statement in February saying, “If you are sleeping on the subway, you make yourself a very easy victim and much more susceptible to a crime.”

The recommendation to stay awake on the subway is ignored by the city that never sleeps… Ironic, I know!

According to the Huffington PostAnthony Lin witnessed a man in the act of ignoring the advice given by the NYPD.

On his subway commute, Lin noticed a man catching some z’s in the corner seat. Like any normal person, he watched the man, because who minds their own business in the subway? In the midst of not minding his business, Lin records the sleepy man as a rat climbs on his lap and makes its way up and around his neck.

As the man woke up, Lin freaked out as any secret filming millennial would, and moved the camera, but the scream the man let out is priceless.

The video was originally found on Lin’s Instagram, but he has now made his profile private. I think he switched his settings because of the backlash he was getting from viewers. Some people actually wanted him to wake the man up, leaving thousands of us without a laugh-how selfish!

No worries though, you can still find the video here!

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 10.50.04 AM.png


If this video proved anything, it’s that the NYPD was actually trying to help the public when they advised them not to sleep on the subway… A police force trying to better the community-who would’ve thought?

At least one thing is for sure, New York is the city that doesn’t sleep because nobody wants to wake up with a sneaky rat cuddled up with them. But hey, maybe rats need love too!

Unexpected Arrests are Always Crappy Situations

Let’s face it, whenever anybody is arrested, it’s never a good situation and they’re typically in deep crap. Unfortunately, this is exactly the case for a Florida, Adonis Ramos-Erazo when he wet and soiled his pants in the back of a police car.

According to The Huffington Post, Ramos-Erazo was going 75 mph in a 55 mph zone… With good cause, of course–the man had to take a poop (for lack of a better word). During the stop, the officer got a sniff of burning Marijuana

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 11.34.59 PM.png

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After being asked to step out of the car many times, Ramos-Erazo took hot pursuit to the nearest bathroom–located at his house. During the chase, an unidentified object was tossed out of the window. Police suspect that this was the marijuana that the officer originally smelled, but I’m beyond convinced that it was a bag full of laxatives that Ramos-Erazo took before the stop.

When he reached for something at his waist, (which I’m assuming to pull his pants down to go), the officer shot him with a taser and arrested him.

Ramos-Erazo held it for a while in the car before he eventually left a fun mess in the back seat for officers to clean up.

Who knows, maybe Ramos-Erazo was just a man who needed a toilet, or maybe a heathen burning some weed, but… We all know that when the time comes, there is just nothing that can get between us and the pot… but sometimes the circumstances call for strict self control.

If you ever find yourself in the midst of a speeding ticket, don’t be afraid to let it lose… After all, new pants are cheaper than the hefty fine that the officer will issue for speeding. Just be sure not to give the officer too much crap–you could land behind bars.