A College Students Nightmare


Every college students nightmare is to not be able to afford their education. It is amazing how much of a stress factor money already becomes for an 18 year old. In Illinois state, this brutal reality is becoming more of a serious problem. In the article posted by CNN, their financial problem has reached a crisis for an average of 140,000 college students.

Illinois has supported the financial cost of higher education, by providing a grant program, gifting an average of $2,800 per student stuck in low income situations. Now, due to an unending argument between Democratic lawmakers and Illinois Republican governor over the financial issues of the state, the bickering has left college students confused and scared on what will happen next.

It is absolutely ridiculous and embarrassing to see young college students like Jacqueline Suriano, featured in the article who is forced to work 2 jobs while maintaining good grades just to get by.  This is not the first story I have heard of students left in this situation. There are so many students who are stuck with the cost of tuition, housing, meals plans, and more while still trying to keep their priority of school first. It is unfair for these students to be paying the burden of two political parties that cannot simply come to an agreement and help out the community.

The article goes on to add that due to the loss of this scholarship, an estimated amount of 26 colleges will not allow students to enroll the next semester or graduate unless all debt is paid off.  The state of Illinois is left in a standstill, as they await a final decision and hope to see state funds come to rescue the future of these college students education. This leaves so many helpless students in a daunting situation with only two options, open up more loans piling on debt or end their educational future.


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