Chief Clerk In it for the money not for the country

According to DNAInfo, in New York City during the state primary, there were more than a couple people who filed a complain..try over 1,000! According to the report, over 125,000 people were unable to give their vote during the voter roll held in Brooklyn.

The source of the problem turned out to be the mistake of Chief Clerk Diane Haslett-Rudiano.  They found she had, “accidentally kicked active voters off the list after doing a routine update to eliminate people who have died or moved.” This seems like quite a big mess-up for someone of such importance, who i’m sure has done this many times in the past. Fired immediately, the crime did not go without a thorough investigation for the Board of Elections.

Research has shown this is not the first incident with voters being treated poorly and hindering their chances to vote. If we want to get really dramatic, this could sound like a shady planned event. With the amount of tension between all of the politicians this year, it would not be surprising for a scandal to emerge sometime soon. Who best to meddle with than not the voters themselves?


History book or Holy Bible

The article I read for this blog is in reference to the recent political debate going on in Tennessee. Governor Bill Haslam has made the decision to veto a bill that would make the Holy Bible the official state book of Tennessee. Of course this decision would not be without controversy. It is always interesting to see the battle between religion and politics. As a Christian, I think the norm is for people to assume that this would be a great stand for Christianity to finally have a foot in the door of politics. After reading the opinions of both sides, I am in favor of the Governor for his decision to veto the bill. I really don’t believe that this decision would be in favor to Christianity. I am proud to stand for what I believe in, but I don’t believe it is the governments job to push my beliefs onto the entire country or even an entire state. I wouldn’t be in support if it was another religion having the same amount of power. I would love for an entire state to find their peace by reading the Bible and engaging in conversation, but non believers are to come to it on their own behalf not by politics. This act would turn America into the practices of the past instead of moving forward. We are not to be governed by a religion, we are to have good people with good morals stand for what will be for the benefit of this country.

Barack Obama- The White House: Analysis

Jan. 29, 2016 at approximately 12:19 p.m est., President Barack Obama spoke on advancing equal pay. The speech took place in the South Court Auditorium of the White House addressing the issues concerning equal pay for men and women. Obama used several statistics and comments motivating his audience  to join the fight against discrimination in America towards women in the workforce.

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 3.14.10 AM

Courtesy of Youtube channel The White House

Introducing his speech with the example of Lilly Ledbetter, Obama creates his argument that America has a long way to go stating, “we knew that our work wasn’t done.” The information found below will be an analyzation of several statements claimed during this speech.

Claim 1: “..she was by my side when I signed my first bill into law— the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act” 

The beginning statement indicates the presence of Lilly Ledbetter during the signing of Obama’s first bill. A video that was taken at the event prove Lilly Ledbetter was in fact at the side of  Obama during the signing of the new law.

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 3.42.58 AM

Courtesy of Youtube channel The White House

The claim also includes the Fair Pay Act was Obama’s very first bill signed into law upon his presidency. A report by the archives find the law was signed back on January 30, 2009. It states, “ On January 29, 2009 President Obama signed his very first piece of legislation: the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act.”

This act was for the benefit of Lilly Ledbetter, a women who became the example of gender discrimination in the workplace.The story of Lilly Ledbetter moves on to the second claim.

Claim 2: “ woman would ever face the kind of discrimination that Lilly faced on the job.” 

Ledbetter held a high ranking position as an overnight supervisor for Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company beginning in 1979.  According to Time Magazine her time there was not without acts of gender discrimination.

Time reveals, “During her career at Goodyear, Ledbetter suffered sexual harassment and day-to-day discrimination”

Upon entering into her new position, the company asked her to sign a contract stating she would not be allowed to discuss salaries with any other co-workers and the information was to be held confidential.

It was not until the eve of her retirement in 1989,  did Ledbetter come to the realization she had been underpaid compared to her male co-workers. An anonymous note from a co-worker informed her of the salary difference revealing,

“Ledbetter was making $3,727 per month, while men doing the same job were paid $4,286 to $5,236 per month.” – Time

When she went to court with this new information, she was not compensated for her lost earned money. Summarized by Oyez the Ledbetter versus Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company conclusion by the Supreme Court was a 5 to 4 vote in the favor of Goodyear.

Oyez states, “the Court ruled that Ledbetter’s claim was time-barred by Title VII’s limitations period.” Judges Roberts, Scalia, Kennedy, Thomas, and Alito all agreed upon a 180 day limit from first salary discrimination to file a case.

In an interview between Ledbetter and the Colbert Report, she discusses the events of her trial.

Claim 3: “Today, women account for almost half of the workforce.”

The US Census Bureau released the most updated statistics focusing on women in the United States recorded in March 2016. According to their research, a total of 75.6 million women were recorded to have participated in the workforce in 2014.  After calculation with these results they concluded, “Women comprised 47.4 percent of the civilian labor force in 2014”.

Claim 4: “But the typical women who works full time still earns 79 cents for every dollar that the typical man does. 

The research found in the US Census Bureau again concluded this statement as true  stating that 79 cents was,

“The amount that female year-round, full-time workers earned in 2014 for every dollar their male counterparts earned”- US Census Bureau

This research can also be seen in the graph provided by Income and Poverty in the United States: 2014.  This same statistic has been a rallying cry by Obama for years, before being 77 cents per dollar a man makes.

In an article published by Politifact , their research shows this statement has been used  a multitude of times,

“He used it in a proclamation for National Equal Pay Day (July 20, 2010), in remarks at a White House forum on women and the economy (April 6, 2012), in a conference call with reporters (June 4, 2012), and remarks on the 50th anniversary of the Equal Pay Act (June 10, 2013), just to cite a few.” – Politifact

Before as it is now, the numbers stand correct. However, readers must be aware of the background regarding the presence of this statistic as pointed out in the article published by Politifact.

Politifact includes their hesitation to Obama’s statement due to a statistic being used without context. The article says,”..the gap is at least partially explained by the predominance of women in lower-paying fields, rather than women necessarily being paid less for the same job than men are”.

Claim 5: “The typical working woman makes only 60 cents. The typical Latino woman makes only 55 cents for every dollar a white man earns.”

This statement was fact checked by research conducted by the Institute for Women’s Research Policy Research. An article published in April 2016 presents the most recent findings of racial wage gap titled, “The Gender Wage Gap by Occupation 2015 and by Race and Ethnicity”.

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 10.22.48 AM

Courtesy of Institute For Women’s Policy Research

The final numbers conclude,

“For all occupations considered together, Hispanic women have the lowest median earnings at $566 per week (56.3 percent of the median weekly earnings of white men—$1,005, Table 3). Black women have median weekly earnings of $615 or 61.2 percent of the median weekly earnings of white men”.

Claim 6: “The gap is even wider for women of color”

The research stated above by the Institute For Women’s Research Policy concludes this statement is correct. It is important to notice this research is adapted to very broad occupational groups.

The Institute adds, “The distribution of women across the occupations varies for each group”, indicating the numbers may change when focusing on specific job occupations the survey may not have included. Their research also adds  women are four times as likely to work in occupations with poverty level wages which add to the final numbers found in ” The Gender Wage Gap by Occupation”

The research states in Table 1, the 10 most common occupations for women include lower wage jobs such as administrative assistants, registered nurses, elementary school teachers, receptions and information clerks and more. This compared to the top 10 for men including, first-line supervisors, computer software engineers, chief executives and more which result in a higher paying salary.

This number grows even higher for women of color who have a higher percentage working in poverty level jobs.

The article states, “ and Hispanic women are about twice as likely to work in ‘service’ occupations as white women..”

In a table provided by the article regarding to the median weekly earnings by race and ethnicity, it includes percentages further proving the above statement. According to the research, it found for service occupations a total of 23.2% of black women and 26.0% of Hispanic women  were working in this field.

Overall, Obama’s statistics were found factually correct. The importance of equal pay for women in America is a relevant cause and continues to be discussed in the present elections. For a citizen able to vote, it is important to verify information stated by any presidential candidate be put within the correct context to prove if information given is reliable.




Car Chase to Naval Air Station

Thursday, a car chase ended with a fatal accident leading to the death of a man and woman. This couple, whose names have still not been announced, were part of a car chase starting Wednesday evening  and ending Thursday with their car crashing into a parked Super Hornet at the Naval Air Station Lemoore.

It was interesting to see the article did not include much reason as to why the chase had began. The only statement included was, “..California Highway Patrol officers approached a Jeep that was parked on the side of the road in Kings County, in order to check on the welfare of those inside, CHP Lt. Dave Knoff said.” Upon approaching the vehicle, it was stated the driver of the Jeep pressed on the gas and sped away at a rapid rate.  What differentiates this car chase was the ending location. Somehow, this Jeep was able to drive right past security of a military base. The article writes, ” The Jeep drove through the air station’s front gate before security had time to deploy bollards”.

This tragic incident has left many questions for me besides a simple car chase with a tragic ending. Is the security entrance of military bases up to standard? I take this to a personal account given several people I care about whom are living in stations such as these. By not having a secure front gate security system, this car chase could have easily turned into a massacre given the Jeep’s easy access onto the site where many if not hundred of men and women reside.

I have personally gone onto a base camp similar to Lemoore and the security system installed consisted of one office who checks badges then lets you drive in. The security system at a Navy base was the same as a Disneyland theme park just with less traffic. I believe this accident raises more questions to upgrading to a higher standard of security. I believe all areas related to any type of military background should enforce a strong feeling of safety for the people.


A College Students Nightmare

Every college students nightmare is to not be able to afford their education. It is amazing how much of a stress factor money already becomes for an 18 year old. In Illinois state, this brutal reality is becoming more of a serious problem. In the article posted by CNN, their financial problem has reached a crisis for an average of 140,000 college students.

Illinois has supported the financial cost of higher education, by providing a grant program, gifting an average of $2,800 per student stuck in low income situations. Now, due to an unending argument between Democratic lawmakers and Illinois Republican governor over the financial issues of the state, the bickering has left college students confused and scared on what will happen next.

It is absolutely ridiculous and embarrassing to see young college students like Jacqueline Suriano, featured in the article who is forced to work 2 jobs while maintaining good grades just to get by.  This is not the first story I have heard of students left in this situation. There are so many students who are stuck with the cost of tuition, housing, meals plans, and more while still trying to keep their priority of school first. It is unfair for these students to be paying the burden of two political parties that cannot simply come to an agreement and help out the community.

The article goes on to add that due to the loss of this scholarship, an estimated amount of 26 colleges will not allow students to enroll the next semester or graduate unless all debt is paid off.  The state of Illinois is left in a standstill, as they await a final decision and hope to see state funds come to rescue the future of these college students education. This leaves so many helpless students in a daunting situation with only two options, open up more loans piling on debt or end their educational future.