Uber Reaches $100 Million Settlement

maxresdefaultOn Thursday Uber announced their plans to settle lawsuits in California and Massachusetts from drivers who were hoping to be considered employees rather than contractors.

In response, Uber will pay $100 million to the drivers in these two states and has agreed to ease control over their drivers.

The drivers will remain independent contractors, and will not be considered employees.

In an article from the Los Angeles Times, Uber drivers expressed their mixed feelings about the decision.

For Uber driver Moon Lee, remaining an independent contractor is preferred because it allows him to act as a small business, without the responsibilities of running one.

Uber_ride_Bogota_(10277864666).jpgOn the other hand, Uber driver Arthur Bard remains conflicted on the settlement due to his wife’s diagnosis of multiple myeloma. While he is glad that remaining an independent contractor allows him to have control his own schedule, he is forced to work despite his wife’s illness as he does not have the same benefits of an employee, such as paid time off.

The lawsuit also allows Uber drivers to now solicit tips, and will protect them from being “fired” without warning in.

As with anything,  there are both positive and negative aspects of the settlement. However, Uber drivers remain hopeful that in the end the settlement will work to their advantage.




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