Honey, who let the tiger out?!

Residences in Conroe, TX, were in for a surprise Thursday morning when they looked out their window and saw a tiger roaming the streets. According to the Houston Chronicle, residences began calling the police department after they spotted the feline at around 11 a.m. One person approached the tiger, a young female, and stated that she came to him and started to lick his face.

Conroe Police posted this photo on Facebook to find the tiger's owner. (Photo: Conroe Police)

Conroe Police posted this photo on Facebook to find the tiger’s owner. (Photo: Conroe Police)

The tiger was found with a leash and a tag, but authorities weren’t sure where she came from until late Thursday night after they wrote a Facebook post asking for the public’s help. According to CNN, the tiger was part of a bigger ranch that was effected by the recent flooding. The owner of the tiger gave her to a friend who was not ready to take care of her, and she escaped.

The tiger is still in the possession with the police. The owner might face charges as there is an ordinance in place that prohibits dangerous animals within city limits. But knowing the personality of this young female, ‘dangerous’ doesn’t seem like an appropriate word to use.


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