Here’s $1million, Now Unlock This Phone

According to Fox News, FBI director James Comey is giving us the latest on the San Bernardino attacker’s phone. Unlike updates on your phone this update required a $1 million fee. It seems the FBI paid $1 million for technology that would unlock the San Bernardino attacker’s iPhone 5C.

Gunman Syed Farook was the former owner of the phone which has had Apple in a debate with the FBI due to it’s encryption regulations. This Thursday the FBI director made this announcement at a “moderate discussion” in London. Fox News claims Comey used phrases such as “a lot” or “more than I will make in the remainder of this job” when asked how much was spent to unlock the phone.

Fox News fact checked these statements and learned that the director stands to earn about $1.34 million during his remaining time in office. Although the director admitted this is not the preferred route he wished to take in uncovering the crime this purchase was well worth it. Justice Department officials are still unsure if the FBI will reveal the tools used to unlock Syed Farook’s phone.


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