Chief Clerk In it for the money not for the country

According to DNAInfo, in New York City during the state primary, there were more than a couple people who filed a complain..try over 1,000! According to the report, over 125,000 people were unable to give their vote during the voter roll held in Brooklyn.

The source of the problem turned out to be the mistake of Chief Clerk Diane Haslett-Rudiano.  They found she had, “accidentally kicked active voters off the list after doing a routine update to eliminate people who have died or moved.” This seems like quite a big mess-up for someone of such importance, who i’m sure has done this many times in the past. Fired immediately, the crime did not go without a thorough investigation for the Board of Elections.

Research has shown this is not the first incident with voters being treated poorly and hindering their chances to vote. If we want to get really dramatic, this could sound like a shady planned event. With the amount of tension between all of the politicians this year, it would not be surprising for a scandal to emerge sometime soon. Who best to meddle with than not the voters themselves?


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