UCs restrict First Amendment rights

The Thomas Jefferson Center for the Protection of Free Expression gave the University of California system an award it never wanted to receive, according to an OC Register Article.

The Muzzle Award was bestowed upon the group of colleges, claiming faculty members were told to be hyper politically correct and not use certain phrases. Among other topics, faculty were told not to ask others where they were from in case it was misconstrued as an implication that they did not belong.

“Never in our 25 years of awarding Jefferson Muzzles have we observed such a concentration of anti-speech activity as we saw last year on college campuses across the country,” the center’s director Josh Wheeler said.

While the universities were seeking not to seem racist, sexist, or offensive, their reoccurring prior restraint resulted in criticism.

UC spokesman Steve Montiel said the suggestions were misunderstood and were intended to help faculty work more effectively in regards to diversity.

“There was a knee-jerk reaction by people who thought this was an extreme form of political correctness. It was blown out of proportion,” he said.


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