History book or Holy Bible

The article I read for this blog is in reference to the recent political debate going on in Tennessee. Governor Bill Haslam has made the decision to veto a bill that would make the Holy Bible the official state book of Tennessee. Of course this decision would not be without controversy. It is always interesting to see the battle between religion and politics. As a Christian, I think the norm is for people to assume that this would be a great stand for Christianity to finally have a foot in the door of politics. After reading the opinions of both sides, I am in favor of the Governor for his decision to veto the bill. I really don’t believe that this decision would be in favor to Christianity. I am proud to stand for what I believe in, but I don’t believe it is the governments job to push my beliefs onto the entire country or even an entire state. I wouldn’t be in support if it was another religion having the same amount of power. I would love for an entire state to find their peace by reading the Bible and engaging in conversation, but non believers are to come to it on their own behalf not by politics. This act would turn America into the practices of the past instead of moving forward. We are not to be governed by a religion, we are to have good people with good morals stand for what will be for the benefit of this country.


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