Gender-Neutral Bathroom Opens in LAUSD


Santee High School, the first LAUSD school to establish a gender-neutral restroom, held a press conference yesterday.

Santee Education Complex is the first school in the L.A. Unified School District (LAUSD) to open gender-neutral bathrooms for students, the L.A. Times reports.

The South-Central high school   is seeking to provide a restroom space for students who do not feel comfortable identifying with gendered restroom facilities. A 15-stall women’s restroom on the campus will be given new signage to demarcate it as an “All-Gender Restroom.”

According to Southern California Public Radio (SCPR), Santee’s Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) was instrumental in the establishment of this newly gender-neutral restroom. Members started a campaign titled “It’s Just a Toilet” to advocate for a comfortable and safe restroom space for transgender students and others.

In an interview with SCPR, on the Santee’s GSA leaders Kween Robinson said, “A lot of times students don’t want to speak up because they feel like they’re going to be belittled or like their voice isn’t really going to be heard. You have a voice, use it.”

While the L.A. Times notes that concerned individuals are expressing worry about potential bullying, advocates of the new restroom on all levels of the high school have committed to helping keep it a safe facility. The schools GSA has promised to check the restrooms frequently, with the staff and the principal himself promising to regularly monitor the bathrooms as well.


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