Charges Are Dropped From 2012 Platform Fire

Back in 2012 three people were killed in an oil platform fire that happened off the Louisiana coast. Four years later a federal judge has decided to throw out a majority of criminal charges against companies and employees. However some  serious charges connected to the fire do remain.


(Courtesy of Michael DeMocker, | The Times-Picayune)

The platform where the fire broke out belonged to Black Elk Energy Offshore Operations LLC. Grand Isle Shipyards and Wood Group PSN are two companies that did work on the platform and are having charges dropped. ABC News reports that these charges did involve some sort of safety and inspection requirement. Although these charges are being dropped the two companies are still  being charged for involuntary manslaughter.

All defendants are being charged with Clean Water Act Violations as well. In 2013 a report was released which concluded the blast derived from a variety of safety lapses. The criminal case is set to appear before  Judge Jane Triche Milazzo on  January 17.


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