Victim of crime turns to Craigslist

A Los Angeles resident reported his $2,000 customized bicycle stolen on April 9 and was surprised to see it being sold on Craigslist two days later for $250.

The Police Department made arrangements to purchase the bike from the seller, an 18-year-old suspected of selling bicycles with a crew in Wilshire.

The Beverly Press said reports of stolen bikes are frequent for the LAPD, though this case was far easier to solve than others. The bike was put on Craigslist within 12 hours of it being stolen.

The suspected thief claimed he bought the bike and two others on Craigslist to resell, and there is no way for the Police Department to prove he is guilty. The suspect is being charged with receiving stolen property in an ongoing investigation. The two other bikes were sold and have yet to be recovered.

“I tell people when they are victims of a theft, log onto Craigslist,” detective Joe Alves said. “They might see their property.”


The Beverly Press Courtesy 


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