Dropped Battery Charges: Corey Lewandowski

According to the New York Times there is not enough hard evidence to charge Donald Trump’s manager Corey Lewandowski for misdemeanor battery, so the case is dropped.

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 10.55.55 PM

Courtesy: New York Times 

Lewandowski was accused of forcefully grabbing Michelle Fields. This incident occured when Fields was attempting to ask Trump a question. Fields is a reporter for the Breitbart News, which is a conservative American online news website.

This took place at Trump’s National Golf Club in Jupiter, Fla. on March 8.

The prosecuter of the case Dave Aronberg said, “The case came down to a simple conclusion that it would be ‘unethical’ to move ahead when there is no ‘good-faith basis to proceed.'”

Aronberg did make comments about how this case was not strong enough to lead to a conviction, but how the video did have enough evidence for Lewandowski to be charged by police.

Fields is not satisfied with the outcome of the case and is considering a defamation suit against Mr. Trump and Mr. Lewandowski.



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