You Snooze, You Lose

Why New York is the City that Never Sleeps:

Taking public transportation to work can mean a a couple extra minutes of sleep on your way in, which is nice-unless you’re a New York subway rider.

According to NY Daily News, the NYPD is advising commuters to stay awake while riding the subway. The NYPD commissioner released a statement in February saying, “If you are sleeping on the subway, you make yourself a very easy victim and much more susceptible to a crime.”

The recommendation to stay awake on the subway is ignored by the city that never sleeps… Ironic, I know!

According to the Huffington PostAnthony Lin witnessed a man in the act of ignoring the advice given by the NYPD.

On his subway commute, Lin noticed a man catching some z’s in the corner seat. Like any normal person, he watched the man, because who minds their own business in the subway? In the midst of not minding his business, Lin records the sleepy man as a rat climbs on his lap and makes its way up and around his neck.

As the man woke up, Lin freaked out as any secret filming millennial would, and moved the camera, but the scream the man let out is priceless.

The video was originally found on Lin’s Instagram, but he has now made his profile private. I think he switched his settings because of the backlash he was getting from viewers. Some people actually wanted him to wake the man up, leaving thousands of us without a laugh-how selfish!

No worries though, you can still find the video here!

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 10.50.04 AM.png


If this video proved anything, it’s that the NYPD was actually trying to help the public when they advised them not to sleep on the subway… A police force trying to better the community-who would’ve thought?

At least one thing is for sure, New York is the city that doesn’t sleep because nobody wants to wake up with a sneaky rat cuddled up with them. But hey, maybe rats need love too!


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