Don’t Forget Your Bomb on the School Bus

A report from describes an explosive material left on a school bus in Loudoun County, Virginia. Now we all know kid’s forget lunches, jackets and even backpacks on school buses but not the CIA, they forget something more important than homework. According to the agency and sheriff’s office, this occurred after a training exercise with local law enforcement.


Courtesy of (not actual bus)

And if you thought it couldn’t get any worse think again. The sheriff’s office stated that the bus transported students to a high school and two elementary schools for two days before the material was found during a “routine maintenance check”. The school district claims this particular bus made eight runs carrying 26 students for 145 miles. The schools visited were Rock Ridge High School, Buffalo Trail Elementary School, and Pinebrook Elementary School.

Now for the question everyone is wondering, how did this happen? This dangerous blunder occurred during a regular joint exercise to train explosive sniffing dogs. This exercise took place at Briar Woods High School during the students’ spring break. An official statement by the sheriff’s office was released explaining the whole incident. To summarize, during the outside portion of the training this material was hidden in the engine compartment of a bus that’s when a piece somehow fell off the material therefore when they retrieved the explosive they unknowingly left behind that portion. And finally to ease everyone’s mind a bit this material was described as “stable” and “benign” and the sheriff’s office reassured parents students were not in danger.


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