Car Chase to Naval Air Station

Thursday, a car chase ended with a fatal accident leading to the death of a man and woman. This couple, whose names have still not been announced, were part of a car chase starting Wednesday evening  and ending Thursday with their car crashing into a parked Super Hornet at the Naval Air Station Lemoore.

It was interesting to see the article did not include much reason as to why the chase had began. The only statement included was, “..California Highway Patrol officers approached a Jeep that was parked on the side of the road in Kings County, in order to check on the welfare of those inside, CHP Lt. Dave Knoff said.” Upon approaching the vehicle, it was stated the driver of the Jeep pressed on the gas and sped away at a rapid rate.  What differentiates this car chase was the ending location. Somehow, this Jeep was able to drive right past security of a military base. The article writes, ” The Jeep drove through the air station’s front gate before security had time to deploy bollards”.

This tragic incident has left many questions for me besides a simple car chase with a tragic ending. Is the security entrance of military bases up to standard? I take this to a personal account given several people I care about whom are living in stations such as these. By not having a secure front gate security system, this car chase could have easily turned into a massacre given the Jeep’s easy access onto the site where many if not hundred of men and women reside.

I have personally gone onto a base camp similar to Lemoore and the security system installed consisted of one office who checks badges then lets you drive in. The security system at a Navy base was the same as a Disneyland theme park just with less traffic. I believe this accident raises more questions to upgrading to a higher standard of security. I believe all areas related to any type of military background should enforce a strong feeling of safety for the people.



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