California first to $15 an hour minimum wage



Just how much is flipping burgers worth? California has an answer for you: in six years, each hour at the fryer—and any other minimum wage job—might pay as much as six dollars more than it does now.

As of March 31, California is slated to progress to a $15 per hour rate by 2022. At a current minimum wage of $10 per hour, California is already in second place for highest statewide rate, and will be the first state to make it to $15, according to a CNN article.

Not everyone is a fan of the wage hike. In an interview with CNN, research director of the Employment Policies Institute Michael Saltsman expressed concern that higher minimum wage rates will be bad for businesses, causing them to fire employees or shut down.

In contrast, movements such as “Fight For $15” point to workers’ struggle to provide for everyday necessities while living on current minimum wage rights.

To be sure, the debate over minimum wage in the United States has been heated, sparking critical political and economic debate. According to a CNN report, more than 40% of U.S. workers make less than $15 per hour, meaning that a movement toward a $15 minimum wage for states would raise the pay of well over a third of the nation’s employees.

New York has also just approved a plan to increase minimum wage to $15 per hour, although it is by region and will not be implemented statewide as in California.

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