SFPD officers send hateful texts

According to San Francisco District Attorney George Gascon, S.F. officers were found to have sent both racist and homophobic text messages, said an L.A. Times article.

In the past two years, dozens of texts were sent between five officers, which were demeaning to African Americans and the LGBT community. The messages were discovered when the office was sorting through pages from a criminal case.

“This conduct will not be tolerated in the SFPD nor in the POA. Chief Suhr has the full support of the POA to take appropriate disciplinary action that protects the due process rights of the officers,” Martin Halloran, president of the San Francisco Police Officer’s Association said.

Halloran described the officers’ offense as disgraceful, though the officers involved are not being named.

Gascon said he is horrified both operationally and morally, as the investigation of the offense will require time and affect the quality of justice across cases.

This is not the first time the SFPD has had problems with text scandals. A year ago, 14 other officers were identified to have sent similarly discriminatory texts, which resulted in 13 pending criminal cases being dismissed.


Riot Police -- San Francisco, CA

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