Hostility is STILL in the air for the Republicans

It’s sad to announce that the hostile environment continues for the Republican Party. As we found out on Tuesday, Donald Trump’s campaign manager was arrested for simple battery, according to CNN.

Surprisingly enough, Corey Lewandowski turned himself in to the police for assaulting reporter Michelle Fields. He was arrested and charged with a misdemeanor.



Fields showed up at the police station to reveal her left forearm that appeared to have bruises and finger marks. Apparently, Lewandowski did not like the question Fields asked Trump when out of nowhere she was yanked by her arm.

Of course, Trump does not want anything to get in the way of him winning this campaign, and so he believes Fields ‘made up the story’. To add to this, Lewandowski claims Fields to be an ‘attention seeker’ and ‘totally delusional’.

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 12.08.39 PM

Ironically, Trump is allocating most of the attention this campaign, and this is just another incident to add to the books.

The Jupiter Police Department released a video that shows the allegations. However, Fields has been accused of making exaggerated claims in other news stories, according to Trump’s press secretary, Hope Hicks.



During this campaign trail, we have yet to hear an apology from Trump; fighting back is his specialty.  Whether Lewandowski is innocent or not, other Republican candidates released statements saying they would never tolerate this behavior. Yet, none of this is surprising based on the culture Trump has established within his campaign.

Hicks confidently announced that Lewandowski is not guilty, and when his court date comes the charges will be dropped.

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 12.12.19 PM

Meanwhile, Fields resigned from the Breitbart News Network because they did not ‘stand by her during these events’.

What’s up next for the Trump organization?


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