What do you get when you track a stolen SUV?

A car chase, a handgun, ammunition, stolen mail and a pinch of methamphetamine, for starters. Add 12 arrests, and it’s a party.

Sirens light up atop a police car. Courtesy of Matt Popovich.

A call placed by an OnStar employee notified Glendora police of the whereabouts of a sport utility vehicle stolen out of Azusa on Tuesday. According to the San Gabriel Valley Tribune, it was discovered on the 700 block of South Pasadena Avenue.

Police detectives surveilled the property where the SUV was parked before chasing the two men who drove off in it at 10:22 a.m. A short pursuit ensued and ended when the driver slammed into a curb on the corner of Westridge and Colorado Avenues.

Glendora Police Captain Joe Ward said police arrested both men, one of whom attempted to flee. They also found stolen mail with Azusa addresses, ammunition and methamphetamine inside the vehicle.

The police then doubled back to the house and detained two men seen walking out. One was arrested. A regional SWAT team later executed a search warrant to see what mysteries the suspected gang-affiliated home would present.

Officers arrested seven people and found a handgun, methamphetamine and meth pipes inside the house. One of them kept flashing gang signs and then putting hands in their pocket, Ward reported.

Just as the police were about to leave, a car with two women inside arrived. Officers discovered methamphetamine in the car and arrested the two, concluding the police bust.


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