It’s a (booby) trap!

Ladies, have you ever wanted a bra that does more than just support you? Well thanks to a Virginian woman, your needs are now met.

According to a report done by Fox 59, a woman named Jennifer Cutrona  has developed and patented a bra that can hold pepper spray and a knife so that women can now have protection wherever they go.  The idea was stemmed off of Cutrona’s own experience of being assaulted while on a morning run. The day after her assault, Cutrona said that she sewed a sheath into her sports bra so that she can put a knife in it for her protection.

“It [bra] wasn’t done out of fear, to live in fear, it was done just to be prepared just in case,” Cutrona told Fox.

In fact, the bra is actually called the “Just In Case Bra,” and comes two ways. On the store website, there is one bra to hold a knife and one bra to hold pepper spray. Sizes run from small to XXL and can come in black, blue, grey, red or green. The knife nor the pepper spray do not come with the bra, but the website also offers them separately.


The Just In Case Knife Bra costs $54.99 (Image:

The Just In Case Pepper Spray Bra costs $49.99

The Just In Case Pepper Spray Bra costs $49.99 (Image:

Within three months of designing the bra, Cutrona was already shipping orders across the country. The website already includes testimonials from women who say they now feel safer during their work out runs.


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