Hacker group targets Trump

Donald Trump either has people that love him or hate him as he runs for president, but a group of hackers called Anonymous are certainly leaning on the hate side.

According to CNNMoney, Anonymous hacked information to Trumps phone number and social security number as well as, “phone numbers, home addresses, and other personal information associated with people close to Trump, including his spokesperson, campaign manager and family members.”

CNNMoney was able to contact one of Trumps family members by calling a number that Anonymous revealed. The family member confirmed the relationship to Trump.

Individuals who claimed they are members of Anonymous also posted a video in which they expressed their opinion about Trump.


“You say what your current audience wants to hear but in reality you don’t stand for anything except for greed and power,” as reported by CNNMoney.

The FBI and Secret Service are working together to protect Trump from having more of his personal information revealed to the public.

Anonymous is inviting hackers to participate in hacking more of Trumps information on April 1st.


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