Women Get the Job Done

The Sandlot’s famous quote “you play ball like a girl” might not be such an insult after all. Women are proving their abilities more than capable, specifically in a military setting. According to a report by CNN News Obama plans to appoint the first female combatant commander in military history.


General Lori Robinson courtesy of CNN

Secretary of Defense Ash Carter made this announcement on Friday and added he also recommended General Lori Robinson to lead the U.S Northern Command. There had been some talk about Robinson being up for the position seeing as though she currently serves as Commander of Pacific Air Forces. It should also be noted that combatant commands are led by a four star general or admiral.

Robinson has received a lot of praise for her command experience and work ethic. When she first entered the Air Force in 1982 she was in charge of command and control of aircraft in air battle space. Back in January  2016 all combat jobs became open to women in any military branch and now for the first time in history a woman will be given a prestigious position in the military, definitely a milestone to be proud of.



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