Unexpected Arrests are Always Crappy Situations

Let’s face it, whenever anybody is arrested, it’s never a good situation and they’re typically in deep crap. Unfortunately, this is exactly the case for a Florida, Adonis Ramos-Erazo when he wet and soiled his pants in the back of a police car.

According to The Huffington Post, Ramos-Erazo was going 75 mph in a 55 mph zone… With good cause, of course–the man had to take a poop (for lack of a better word). During the stop, the officer got a sniff of burning Marijuana

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 11.34.59 PM.png

Courtesy: UJ Review Twitter 

After being asked to step out of the car many times, Ramos-Erazo took hot pursuit to the nearest bathroom–located at his house. During the chase, an unidentified object was tossed out of the window. Police suspect that this was the marijuana that the officer originally smelled, but I’m beyond convinced that it was a bag full of laxatives that Ramos-Erazo took before the stop.

When he reached for something at his waist, (which I’m assuming to pull his pants down to go), the officer shot him with a taser and arrested him.

Ramos-Erazo held it for a while in the car before he eventually left a fun mess in the back seat for officers to clean up.

Who knows, maybe Ramos-Erazo was just a man who needed a toilet, or maybe a heathen burning some weed, but… We all know that when the time comes, there is just nothing that can get between us and the pot… but sometimes the circumstances call for strict self control.

If you ever find yourself in the midst of a speeding ticket, don’t be afraid to let it lose… After all, new pants are cheaper than the hefty fine that the officer will issue for speeding. Just be sure not to give the officer too much crap–you could land behind bars.


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