Man caught egging after 100 times

How would you feel if someone tried to egg your house over 100 times? Probably scared, annoyed, and confused.

This is exactly how the victim, 85-year-old Albert Clemens Sr., felt when his house was egged over 100 times in the past year.

Jason Kozan, 30, was arrested in Euclid, Ohio, on Tuesday for this crime against his old neighbor, according to the Huffington Post.

Kozan is currently facing vandalism charges for about eight dozen eggings that have taken place from May 2014 and June 2015. Kozan has denied reports of these eggings and told WEWS reporter Homa Bash, “no, no, no,” after being asked if he was involved in this vandalism case.

“Let the jury decide,” Kozan continues, “whatever evidence they have on me, hey that’s what they jury’s for.”

Eggs were not the only object that were used to damage Clemens house. Limes, lemons, grapefruits and paintballs all came flying towards the house to leave a mark.

Eggs are currently listed at $1.60 for a dozen, so one would think Kozan had a motive behind these expensive and damaging attacks, but the police have found no motive so far.

The case is currently being sent to the Cuyahoga County Grand Jury, where they will decide if Kozan will be indicted.


Jason Kozan, accused of egging Albert Clemens Sr.’s house over 100 times. Photo Courtesy: Euclid Police Department’s Facebook Page




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