Israelis pray for Trump’s victory

God help us.

Even after Trump claimed he would “bomb the hell” out of them, he has an unreasonably high approval rating among Israelis, according to an LA Times article. Many of them are even praying for his triumph.

Sixty-one percent of the highly conservative group think Trump is “friendly”. In light of many Israelis’ high disapproval of Obama,  many of them are turning to the other extreme in hopes of better cross cultural relationships.

“Trump was sent to us by God,”  former Israeli army intelligence officer Michael Yigal Mimon said.

In response to his approval, Trump told the Israel Hayom newspaper that his win would be “great news for Israel.”

Trump can’t seem to pick a side. One moment, he’s bombing them, the next he’s on their side.

Trump’s opposition can only hope their prayers are stronger than the Israelis’.



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