ISIS supporters remain in California

We saw the San Bernardino attacks last fall startle many Americans in California. We would be ignorant to say that ISIS supporters are not near us.

Courtesy: FOX News, UC Merced

Faisel Mohammad — Courtesy: FOX News, UC Merced

According to FOX News, the FBI announced Thursday that during the investigation of Faisal Mohammad, they found ISIS ties in the evidence after he stabbed four people at the University of California Merced.

The FBI found on Mohammad’s laptop pro ISIS propaganda and saw that he had been researching websites in relevance to ISIS weeks before he attacked.

Don’t worry there’s more. Mohammad wrote out a plan of his attack in detail stating he wanted to kill students and police officers. This wasn’t enough, for he also wanted to take hostages. To add to his support for ISIS, he was carrying a picture of their flag and a list of items he would need to execute his plan.

According to FOX News, his roommate spoke on behalf of Mohammad to Merced Sheriff’s Department, Detective Jose Silva, stating that he was a ‘loner’ and an ‘extreme Muslim’.

During the search warrant, the FBI found repeated notes that said ‘praise Allah’. Mohammad had a strong desire to kill people, according to the evidence.

Luckily, Mohammad’s victims all survived the attacks.

FOX News gives a map showing what states are on high alerts for ISIS supporters. California is closer to being on high alert, but actually New York and Minnesota have the highest activity for ISIS recruits.

Courtesy: FOX News, George Washington University

Courtesy: FOX News, George Washington University

Note to every college student: stalk your roommates before you accept, you might just get paired with a terrorist.






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