Tampons are a luxury?!

What woman would have guessed starting your period would cost more than buying new mascara at Target? Well, five New York women have not handled the new “Tampon Tax” that well.

According to an article by CNN, taxing tampons is becoming just another example of gender bias.

These four New York women are demanding, “to stop imposing a 4% ‘luxury tax’ on feminine hygiene products.”

This demand is directed to the guidelines of the taxation department in 1998 and 2014 that tampons and categorized pads are “general merchandise.” Which also means that they are not apart of the “medical supplies” tax exemption.


Photo received from CNN

Tampons and categorized pads are not used as a luxury item for women. If you ask a woman if they enjoy tampons, you would most likely get a huge laugh in your face. Most women would prefer to do anything over squeezing time in their day to run to Target to buy tampons!

Each year, over $14 million in tax is paid by New York women in purchasing tampons.

In New York, items such as Rogaine, shampoo and chapstick are not taxed, it is argued because these items are shared with men.


Picture recieved by CNN.

Right now there are 40 states that are imposing a tax on tampons.

So if you are a woman and having hard time concepting that tampons are costing more than your mascara, you better speak up now before tampons cost more than your monthly hair appointment. Just saying.


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