SAT redesigned and made really easy


The 2016 SAT was simplified and reverted to the point system it used through 2004.

The new SAT format is making students who took the test from 2005 to 2015 wish they had the opportunity to take it now.

The test is being reverted to its old form before it included the essay portion, lowering the highest score from 2400 to 1600 and from three sections to two, according to an OC Register article.

The test will now have fewer questions and the essay section will be optional.

463,000 students are signed up to take the test this year.  This SAT will have less obscure vocabulary and more real life, analytical situations. Points will no longer be taken away for guessing and there will be less variety in questions. The math section will be primarily algebra instead of many types of math and the reading section will have more familiar content.

Students can no longer ask, ‘When will I ever use this material in real life?’ The new test is aimed to be a reflection of classroom learning that will be relevant in colleges and careers.

“It’s not as far-fetched as a reading passage that contained information the kids have never heard of and will never use again,” Stephanie Fiske, director of Achieve SAT Test Prep said in the OC Register article.



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