Michigan Families Upset Over Flint Water Crisis



Courtesy Of: Creative Commons

In an article posted by CNN, Flint, Michigan resident Nakiya Wakes shares the deep impact the water crisis has caused her and her family.


Currently, in Flint, Michigan the tap water is toxic due to a city-wide financial emergency. While tap water use to flow directly from the Lake Huron, in April 2014 it was switched over to the Flint River “as a cost-saving measure until a new supply line to Lake Huron was ready.”



Courtesy of: Creative Commons

Wakes moved to Michigan in June 2014 and within a matter of weeks, found out that she was pregnant.

Due to a health scare, Wakes was rushed to the hospital where she was later told that she was pregnant with twins but that one child did not make it.

A few weeks later, she was informed that she had a second miscarriage and that the second child did not make it either.

Upon returning home, she received a shocking letter in the mail from the city.

“Pregnant women and people 55 and over should not be drinking this water.”

Virginia Tech researchers determined that the Flint River water was highly corrosive and being transported through lead service lines, transferring the toxic element into the water.


Flint River, Courtesy of: Creative Commons

For Wakes, it was too late, as she had already lost both of her children.

Today, Michigan officials have begun an investigation in order to determine if the water crisis is directly linked to the miscarriages that have occurred in Flint. In the meantime, Flint city officials are working to resolve the issue in order to calm the minds of many angry residents.

Many other mothers, like Wakes, also feel that their families health has been put at risk due to this water crisis and are hoping something will be done to the officials who allowed this to happen.


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