Don’t Joke About Cancer it Will Cost You

Little white lies about age or salary are very common but there’s an unspoken rule about certain things you shouldn’t lie about. Some examples that come to mind are death or probably a terminal illness. Apparently Tyler Tomer did not get this memo. This Connecticut man has just pleaded not guilty in the accusations against him for faking cancer in order to receive donations.

Reports claim Tomer had been shaving his head and taking weight loss pills to create the illusion he was sick. With this tactic authorities believe he convinced people he had stage 3 brain cancer and collected thousands in donations. On thursday the suspect entered a plea to charges of first-degree larceny and first-degree larceny by defrauding a public community. Larceny is simply another word for theft of personal property. Police began the investigation back in May when police received several complaints about this man who was faking an illness and collecting money at benefits in his honor. According to Fox News the police claim their have been multiple benefits for the 29 year old in Connecticut and Kansas.

Medical Records have determined Tomer was never diagnosed with any forms of cancer and has allegedly accepted at $22,000 in donation money. Fox News reports the man’s attorney has not made any comments on the charges at this time.


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