911, Connect me to the Fashion Department… NOW!

You know the days that you’re just looking in the mirror … and your outfit is just not cutting it? Well, a 2-year-old girl feels your struggle!

Normally, a young girl would call her BFF “Becky” or whoever it might be for outfit advice, but not this South Carolina girl. She went into a state of emergency and called the police.

Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 9.33.05 AM.png

Compliments of Twitter

The distressed little girl called 911 after not being able to pull her pants up all the way. Valid excuse. I mean we are meant to teach kids that the police were there to help him, so the little girl did just that.

According to ABC News, Deputy Martha Lohnes was in the area when the 911 dispatch paged the officers. When she arrived, the girl simply asked for her to help pull her pants up.

Apparently the toddler felt her parents were incapable of the pants task, because they were there at the house, completely oblivious to the 911 call.

Lohnes said that it was no big deal, and it was the highlight of her shift… You know, because all police officers are sworn in to protect and serve as the nation’s fashion police.

So next time you are iffy about your fit, call the fashionista police to do you up and send you off looking fly.


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