Paris vacation gone wrong

Imagine you and a group of friends has rented a 19th century, seven-bedroom house complete with a private swimming pool in the neighborhood of Palaiseau, 12 miles southwest of Paris.

You start to picture you and your friends exploring the city until something unimaginable happens, you find a decomposing body in the backyard.

This is exactly what happened on Saturday, February 27th to a group of twenty-year olds renting the house southwest of Paris according to NBC News. The renters discovered a unidentified white woman in her early 40s under tree branches, wearing clothes but no winter coat.

The deputy prosecutor for Evry, Bertrand Daillie, informed the Associated Press on Monday, February 29th, that this group of people found a decomposing body in the forrest behind the house. Tree branches were placed over the corpse’s body seem to have been a deliberate act.

Police have questioned the group of renters, but after the autopsy was completed on Monday, it shows the time of death was at least a month ago, maybe longer. The autopsy did not show the cause of death, so more tests will be conducted this week.

The family of seven who owns the house is out of town for a vacation, but they will be questioned by the police once they return.

The listing has since been removed from Airbnb, so there won’t be any renting of this house for a while. At least, until it is no longer a crime scene.


The Airbnb listing of the house outside of Paris where the body was found

Photo Courtesy: Travelpulse


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