Osama bin Laden the romantic

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence released letters Osama bin Laden wrote to his third wife on Tuesday.

Courtesy: audioemit.com

Courtesy: audioemit.com

“They can insert a small chip in it (a syringe) to implant under the skin. The size of the chip is about the length of a grain of wheat,” bin Laden wrote.

According to USA TODAY,  the letters expressed bin Laden’s concern that a tracking device may have been placed somewhere in his wife’s body, specifically in her tooth.

“In terms of caution, I ask you to report to me in detail anything you find suspicious from any doctor in Iran,” bin Laden said. “They can, as I told you before, put a small SIM card to plant it under the skin.”

Bin Laden is said to have 20 children by five wives . The victim of the implantation was named Khairiah Sabar, who was eight years older then Bin Laden. Even though bin Laden had five wives, Sabar seemed to be special.

Sabar and bin Laden were unable to see each other for some time because she was on house arrest by the Iranians.

“Please trust me that I am working very hard to live with you,” bin Laden said. “If I am not able to secure your return in the next weeks, I will come to visit you, God willing.”

Over 100 documents were found expressing concern for his wife Sabar. Majority of the letters showed an obsession Bin Laden was having about the implantation of a chip, but also expressed deep love for Sabar.

Bin Laden and his wife had one son, Hamza, who was reported to be killed during the raid of the bin Laden attack. According to USA Today, the military was wrong in this statement and Hamza is being accused of working with al-Qaeda.

Sabar was reunited with bin Laden one year before his death in 2011.



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