Ten tries on iPhones is not enough for the FBI

Unlocking iPhones gets annoying when you lock yourself out after ten tries  of pressing incorrect characters, but you are not the only one that has this obstacle.  The FBI is working to eliminate the lock-out problem.

According to CNN, “The U.S. Department of Justice had asked Apple to write a special code that would enable the FBI to bypass the iPhone’s lock-out function, which would wipe the only key to information on the device after 10 wrong passcode attempts.”

Although it may not seem like a big request, Apple is not looking to please the FBI.  Adjusting the code on iPhones could portray Apple’s security protection as being vulnerable. Apple made the point to the court that if the FBI becomes successful in forcing them to change their code, they would be violating the company’s first and fifth amendments.

The FBI attempted to make it seem less of a problem by stating that the actions would only be done on one phone which would not impact the various iPhone holders. Unfortunately for the FBI, it was not very promising to Apple.

Overall Apple seems to be leaning towards remaining independent and unchanging to the needs of the FBI, while the FBI is attempting to overlook amendments to reach their desire of overpowering Apple for their benefit.

The final decision will determine whether the maximum ten unlocking attempts will remain a challenge for the national security organization.

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