Kansas Suffers a Tragic Workplace Shooting

A workplace is an everyday environment where one expects to get ahead and earn a living, not fear for their lives. Unfortunately places such as this have become targets of crime sprees in recent years. The Sandy Hook and Colorado movie theater shootings have proven this, and more recently The San Bernardino shootings.

On Thursday evening 14 people were wounded and three were left dead in a horrific shooting. The gunman was identified as 38-year-old Cedric Larry Ford who was an employee at Excel Industries. The suspect first fired from his car and shot people at two nearby locations, before arriving at the factory where he worked. There he fired another round of bullets in total hitting 15 people and killing three of them. At first coworkers thought these shootings were a series of explosions so they began to yell “Fire!” However the suspect would chase all those who yelled this word.

The suspect was later killed by police in a shootout. Five of the victims are in critical condition while another is undergoing surgery and eight people are in stable condition. The motives for this shooting spree are still unclear but police were able to rule out terrorism. According to ABC News the Newton Police Department said this attack might have been triggered by certain events in Ford’s life.


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