Is that wine or meth?

The mother of Daniel Kowalski claims her son was not making meth, but rather, wine.

Daniel Kowalski was arrested in his Chicago home back in 2014 because a meth lab was found. In his house, police found glass beakers, chemicals, and other materials used to make substances. There were also twelve jars of psychedelic mushrooms found at the scene.

This is not the first time Daniel has been arrested for running a meth lab. He was also arrested in July 2013 after police found a suspected meth lab in his home.

Jan Kowalski stated this past week that her son was not running a meth lab out of his home; she claims he was spending his time making wine instead.

Daniel was charged with two accounts of a controlled substance, possession of manufacturing materials for methamphetamine,  and possession of methamphetamine precursors. All of these charges are felonies.

In his mug shot, he is wearing a t-shirt inspired from the TV show, “Breaking Bad.” Is this a coincidence?


Daniel Kowalski’s mug shot from February 2014

Photo courtesy: NBC Chicago

Jan Kowalski said, “He had winemaking equipment,” according to the Tribune.

Jan Kowalski continues on to say she is unaware of how the police confused winemaking equipment with materials to make methamphetamine.

This past Friday, Daniel Kowalski pleaded guilty to two drug possession charges, one being a felony. He has now been sentenced to two years of probation and thirty hours of community service.

Check out the full story from NBC Chicago.



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