Child’s Green Thumb Tale Leads Mother’s Boyfriend to Legal Trouble

Some Vermont green plants are not the only things that are a bit too loud. A farming tale about growing “special medicine”, told by a second grader, leads to bust of a marijuana growing operation for a Central Vermont man.

According to the Times Argus, on Monday, 54-year-old Steven Mann pleaded innocent to a felony court at White River Junction for farming more than 25 marijuana plants.

The Windsor Police Department reported that Mann’s girlfriend Leona Hunt’s 8-year old son, told school officials about how he assisted in growing a plant thats cures everything. Officer Jennifer Frank reported in an affidavit that the boy described Mann giving the plants to “anyone who needs the medicine.” The boy’s story came from his experience living with his mother and Mann.

Among finding bags of marijuana and two grow rooms near child’s bedroom, Police confiscated approximately $700 in cash, pipes, rolling papers, psilocybin mushrooms, and bongs.

Mann’s bombing business not only served his community, but as well New Hampshire and at least one elderly resident who scored big with free marijuana.

Further chargers against Hunt are expected to be filed in connection to drug bust. Mann and family will be going under investigation from the Department for Children and Families for alleged illegal drug operation.

If convicted, Mann will face up to 15 years of prison time.

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