Apple Continues Fighting Back Against Federal Government

person-woman-hand-spaceIn a recent article published by The Los Angeles Times, the discussion behind Apple’s refusal to access data on their device continues.

Last week, a federal judge ordered Apple to help the FBI extract data from an iPhone belonging to a suspect from the San Bernardino shooting.

Apple refused, due to the strict privacy policies, and today deputies are speaking up about their frustrations stating that “data encryption creates a major investigative hurdle in the hunt for killers, human traffickers, child pornographers and other offenders.”

Police officials all over the country are hopeful that the courts orders will cause a dramatic change in their operation by allowing them access to encrypted data.

According to the article, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department currently has “150 phones in evidence lockers that investigators can’t crack.” In addition, the LAPD has around 300 phones.

In an interview between the LA Times and LAPD Capt. John Romero, head of the department’s commercial crimes unit, it was stated, “If your phone is your only evidence and your only link to solving that homicide, the frustration is very, very high.”

Overall, the discussion continues as to whether or not officers should be able to access the data secured in these phones. While this court order is specific to this particular case, Apple worries that creating the software to get in to locked iPhones could fall in the wrong hands and create a security problem for its users.

Officers remain frustrated with the situation, as they feel unlocking the data could provide them with a great amount of information needed.

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