Students starting dress code movement

Standing up for change seems to be a trend in this country lately. According to CNN, Clovis Unified School Board is receiving black lash because they refused to change their dress code rules that would  adapt to the transgender and bisexual communities.

Students at Buchanan High School protested by reversing roles one day in January. The females dressed up as boys and the males dressed up as girls. Students all around the world are starting to fight back using social media platforms.

Courtesy: CNN

Courtesy: CNN

“Hopefully, the board will see that we aren’t blindly rebelling, but simply advocating for our rights,” a student at Buchanan High School said.

Teenagers are asking schools to change their policies to adapt to the new norms in our country. There was a study done by the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network, and nineteen percent of those students said their clothing was seen as inappropriate, but they believe they were simply expressing their sexuality.

A teacher from Oklahoma sent one of her students home for violating the dress code because her shirt did not cover enough.

“It doesn’t cover your crotch. You’ll distract the boys,” Oklahoma teacher said.

Student, Rose Lynn wrote this on a shirt and wore it to school following the incident. Her picture went viral. This started a trend at other schools where students are now writing messages on their shirts, some saying ‘dress code violation’.

Many incidents have taken place this past year. Examples including, a male cheerleader being denied lunch and females wearing the scarlet letter ‘A’ on their shirts that started a hashtag known as #IamnotADistraction. This movement went viral on Twitter.

Courtesy: CNN

Courtesy: CNN

Parents are also getting involved by challenging the board to look into why female students are being targeted for the way they dress, but yet the teachers are not educating the males on how to treat women.

The fight will continue on, and the power of social media may start to take over. High school students are the prime experimenters to spark a change through social media and creating movements world wide on this specific topic.

In result to gay marriage being acceptable in our country, school districts need to create a culture where everyone is accepted. Starting with a change in dress code policies may be the first step to achieving this.


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