False racial accusations by upstate N.Y students

According to CNN , on January 30, three 20 year old, African American women claimed that they were being assualted by a group of white men and women on the bus.

These three women all attend University at Albany in New York. When this incident took place the univesity got really involved, especially the university’s president who sent a letter out to the student body apologizing for what happened.

There was also several school rallies and protesting that took place on the university’s campus because of this assult.

The three women who reported this assault are now the ones who are being accused of fabricating the racial attack.

The real story is out a month later.

What really happened  on the public transportation is that these three women assualted a 19 year old woman.

There was several footage that caught this scene. There was over a dozen videos from security cameras, videos taken by passengers and interviews by several bus drivers.

Each girl is now facing assault charges and have a court hearing on March 1. They have everything going against and as of right now there is no word if they have an attorney.

When the false incident that supposedly happened on January 30, the hashtag #DefendBlackGirlsUAlbany started taking over social media.


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