(Don’t) let me take a #selfie

selfiesWho knew that narcissism could be so dangerous? In most public places, selfie-takers will receive widespread eye rolls and judgement from passersby. But according to CNN, selfie-takers in Mumbai, India will now run into trouble with the law.

In an effort to reduce rates of selfie-related injuries, Mumbai police will now be stationed around several areas in the city. Police are focusing specifically on spots near the waterfront, where groups of photo-takers are at risk of falling into the ocean while adjusting footing for that perfect #selfie angle.

Just last Tuesday, two teenagers drowned after falling into the ocean while trying to take a picture of themselves. Last month, a teenager in India was taking a selfie on train tracks and was struck and killed by an oncoming train, CNN reports.

Statistics gathered worldwide from the past three years indicate that India contributes almost 40% of selfie deaths, with 19 of the 40 fatalities happening within the country’s borders. In an effort to reduce casualties, Indian officials have declared 16 no-selfie zones.

Selfie-related deaths are becoming an increasingly prominent international issue. Of the fatalities reported by the media, selfie deaths have involved anything from animals to plane crashes. Russia has even released a brochure to educate civilians of the dangers of selfies.

selfie brochure

Russia has recently released a brochure warning people of the many dangerous scenarios of selfie taking, including falling down hills or out of boats.

So whether your brows are #onfleek or you’re just trying to share your undying #wanderlust with Instagram, next time please think before you #selfie.


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