And BOOM Goes the E-Cig

Do you even vape, bro? Wait, take off your pants…YOU’RE ON FIRE!

According to Good Morning America, Josh Owensboro suffered from second degree burns when his e-cigarette’s battery exploded in his pocket at a gas station.

This video shows footage of the man catching fire and the cashier chasing after him with a fire extinguisher.

As of recently, vaping has become the “cool” thing to do amongst millennial’s everywhere. It may seem safer than cigarettes for health reasons, but the dynamite-like batteries have been causing more injuries as the popularity of the vape pen grows.

Back in September, AOL reported about another serious injury due to the vape pen. A man stepped outside for a smoke break at work, and BOOM the pen blew up.

He suffered first-degree burns as well as a dime-sized hole in the roof of his mouth.

Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 11.16.25 PM.png

Courtesy of Twitter

E-cigarettes are not the only popular item on the market that has been known to catch fire, the infamous hoverboard has been removed from the market in places like Walmart and now Amazon due to the fires that have been started by them.

there have been an outpour of reports on hoverboard’s catching fire recently.

Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 11.23.43 PM.png

Courtesy of Twitter

ABC Chicago reported that a hoverboard caught fire in a Highland Park home causing a massive amount of damage…a fire causing damage? SHOCKER

Stay tuned as we wait for the next big electronic to blow up… Only this time we hope they don’t actually you know…  blow up.


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