Wendy’s customer bites off more than she can chew


Photo Courtesy of Mike Mozart, Creative Commons

Yesterday, a Virginia woman took the colloquial phrase “hangry” to a whole new level. At a Wendy’s in Richmond, 25-year-old Lovely Robinson was charged with malicious wounding after jumping over a counter to bite a Wendy’s manager Latanya Nelson on the knee.

The assault happened at approximately 11:30 p.m. on Thursday night, the Richmond Times-Dispatch reports. Robinson had placed her order in the drive-thru lane and was told to pull forward to wait for her food. She had first ordered two spicy chicken sandwiches and then changed her order to the value menu 99-cent chicken sandwiches, MSN reports. After an employee brought her the original order instead, Robinson could not contain her hunger for accurate customer service and stormed inside.

“I told her, if you can’t behave, you gotta go,” Nelson told CBS 6 in an interview about the altercation.

Robinson did not leave, aggressively advancing to tussle with the manager. During the fight, Robinson bit down on Nelson’s leg, leaving bite marks on her knee. Nelson explained that she continued to punch Robinson even as the woman’s jaws were clamped around her leg.

Police arrived after the fight to arrest Robinson, and Nelson returned to work the next day. In addition to being charged with malicious wounding, Robinson is also being charged with trespassing and intentionally damaging property. To learn more, watch the full CBS 6 video covering the incident.

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