Phone App Saves a Young Girl from her Kidnapper

Find my iPhone is an app most if not all smart phone lovers are familiar with. Often used by those who struggle with constantly losing belongings or over bearing parents who must know their child’s every move. Whatever your motives may be this app is pretty helpful for everyday problems, but could it help save someone’s life? For those who can not live without their phones the answer is absolutely. In this case however, the Find my iPhone app literally saved the life of one 18-year-old girl. A mother in Pennsylvania was able to track her daughters location after being kidnapped by an ex-boyfriend.

The Pennsylvania State Police received a call by the victim’s mother who claimed she received a text from her daughter asking for help. The victim was allegedly taken without her will by an ex-boyfriend who planned to take her out of Pennsylvania. After the mother tracked her daughters location the police were able to locate her in a McDonald’s parking lot more than 150 miles away. When police arrived on scene they found the teen’s hands, feet and mouth were all bound by duct tape, shortly after the suspect was taken into custody.

According to NBC News the suspect Joseph Boller, age 18 had a bail set at $150,000. Perhaps over protective parents may not be such a bad thing after all.


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