Only One Out of 2,000 Shootings Prosecuted in Southern California in 12 Years

The Los Angeles Times recently published an article stating that 2,000 suspects have been shot by Southern California police officers since 2004. Within the last 12 years, only one officer, Deputy Ivory Webb, has been prosecuted for his actions.Police-IMG_4105

In 2006 a video surfaced the internet of Webb and Elio Carrion, following a high-speed chase in Chino, Calif. In the video, Carrion is heard pleading with  the officer stating “we mean you no harm.”

Since then, Webb has remained the only officer to be charmed with a crime following “more than 2,000 police shootings in Southern California since 2004.”

Within the last year, the number of murder and manslaughter charges filed against officers has increased dramatically all across the nation. However, six Southern California counties have remained untouched since 2006.

Many of the cases presented, have been turned down as they have been justifiable by law, involving armed suspects or mentally-ill suspects providing a clear threat to the safety of the officer.

The difficulty lies in being able to disprove the fact that as the officer was shooting the suspect, he was fearful for his life.

Presently, in Southern CalifSouthern_California_counties_in_redornia it is believed that cases are not filed against officers due to the relationship they have with the public.

Since the prosecution of deputy Webb in 2006, many other shootings have occurred, some in which have resulted in in-depth investigations, however prosecutions continue to be a rarity throughout Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, Riverside, Imperial and San Bernardino.





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