Clinton and Sanders seek Latino approval

Two of the whitest presidential candidates to date sought validation from Latino voters in a Telemundo hosted Las Vegas forum, according to an  LA Times article.

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders agreed on two topics that night. Firstly, immigration reform would be a top priority if either were elected president. Secondly, they didn’t like Republicans.

The candidates seemed to be in a showdown to see who was more Democratic.

“Maybe it’s that Sen. Sanders wasn’t really a Democrat until he decided to run for president. He doesn’t even know what the last two Democratic presidents did,” Clinton said.

According to the article, Sanders said he was “appalled at efforts by Republicans” in regards to their immigration policies and views on President Obama.

The two promised to seek fast and effective means of citizenship for immigrants and said they found it important to keep families united.

“It makes no sense, it breaks up families, it is burdensome,” Clinton said.


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