Alligator Makes Involuntary Appearance at a Florida Wendy’s Restaurant

Welcome to Wendy’s: where ‘everything is better’ with a side of alligator? Wendy’s patrons may think otherwise.

CBS Miami reported that 23-year old Joshua James of Jupiter, Florida, was arrested for allegedly throwing alligator into drive-thru window at a Royal Palm Beach Wendy’s location. According to Florida’s Fish and Wildlife Conservation incident report, James pulled up to drive-thru, received his drink and then threw the three-and-a half foot alligator into the window.

According to police, James admitted to picking up the alligator on the side of South Boulevard and bringing it to restaurant as a prank.

The incident occurred in October of 2015, but the prankster was not taken into custody by U.S Marshals until recently.

James is facing charges of aggravated assault and unlawful possession and transportation of an alligator.

Last Tuesday, James appeared in court and was ordered by the judge to avoid all Wendy’s restaurants, possession of any weapons and contact with animals other than his mother’s dog. James will also undergo a mental health evaluation.

The alligator was released back into a nearby canal.



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