$85 Billion Dollar Transportation Bill

A new $8.5 billion dollar idea is the new and better direction according to regional elected and transportation officials. According to The Tennessean, this new Regional Transportation Plan is the key to improving the regions transportation network.

The new plan covers a 25 year long commitment to recover the transits following the Middle Tennessee region.  The giant cost is supported by the calculation to cover all infrastructure costs. Portland Mayor, Ken Wilber announced the following statement on the topic saying,  “Stakeholders throughout the region have worked hand-in-hand with the MPO staff to develop this plan, and great attention has been given to the selection of projects to ensure that our limited transportation funds make the greatest impact across the region.”

Now acquired by the federal government, the plan will include the renovation of road, transit, freight, technology, walking and biking projects. It is said to include over 200 projects. The assumption by its supports declare, “It is not only exciting but encouraging to see that mayors and county executives from around the region…are actively supporting increased investment to execute the vision for mass transit,” said Steve Bland, Nashville MTA CEO.

It will be interesting to see if this will be supported by the community. Transportation and highways is a relevant cause that many community members hold as a priority. Will an $85 billion dollar price tag for renovated roads slide well?


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